2007 Reunion

Barry and Pauline Hayes Kath and John Brown Catherine and Harry Wood  Catherine and Harry Wood Neville and Tina  Neville and Tina
Dave Osborne and family  Who?, Dave and Who? Harry-Wood Dave-Osborne-foreground,  Middleground Larry and Pat. Front Dave Ryan,-Tomm-background,-Dore
Gabby-and-Buster Shady-and-Pusser Larry-Hazell-and-Kath-Brown  Larry Hazell and Kath Brown Tom,-Shady,-Joe-and-Ryan
Jan-and-Gabby Buster-and-Shady Back-Derek-and-Harry,-Front  Back Row Derek and Harry. Front Shady and Pusser Larry-Hazell
Joe,-Ian-and-Larry  Joe, Pusser and Larry. Pat-and-Larry  Pat and Larry