2008 Reunion

Alan Hughes, Tom Mathieson, Joe Artis  Alan Hughes and Joe. Alan and Kay Smith  Smudge and Kay. Bob and Carol Proud  Bob and Carol Proud Neville and Tina Saunders  Neville and Tina.
Thelma and Ian Hill  Thelma and Pusser. Tina and Neville  Tina and Neville. Buster, Gabby, Pusser, Smudge, Neville, Ginge  L to R: Buster, Gabby, Pusser, Smudge, Neville and Ginge. Thelma
Alan-Smith Group  L to R: Mike, Kath, Buster, Ginge, Joe, Pauline, Barry, Charlie Cosker (now sadly deceased), Kay, Smudge, Pusser, John Morrison, Tom, Thelma, Tony, Carol, Bob, Alan and Tina. Forbes-presenting-John-with  John Morrison being presented with a model of the Short Stirling Heavy Bomber he flew in over Namsos, by Forbes Wilson. Tony-to-Carole  Left front clockwise, Tony Marshall, Margie Cosker (just), Charlie Cosker, Joe, Ginge Haynes, Tom Mathieson, ???????, Spike Hughes and Carole Marshall
KBCNT  L to R: Kay, Bob, Carol, Neville and Tina