Able Seaman John Osmond

Confiscated lobsters BVI 1967 John Osmond Seychelles John Osmond Seychelles 1966 John Osmond Focs'le Seychelles
Goggle and Flipper Bar Seychelles 1966 Dave Hatton Brigham Young Seychelles 1966 Mohawk in Monte Carlo Mohawk at Monaco
Host Marlene in Fort Lauderdale Ras with a type 12 Mohawk RAS with a TYPE 12 maybe Berwick Type12 RAS with Mohawk
Wessex Beira patrol Wasp HMS Mohawk Jackstay witha type 12 Mohawk alongside Bahrein
The day we left Bahrain Passing through the entrance to the Gulf Crossing the line. Skipper in check shirt Mohawk crossing the line
Crossing the equator John Osmond Bridge roof Mombassa Crossing the line John Osmond Tsalvo game park
John Osmond Tsalvo Some Ship's company at Tsalvo Mohawk under the Forth Road bridge Mohawk under the Forth rail bridge
Dave Hatton with mopeds Bermuda 1967 Mohawk in Malta John Osmond top of the Rock Mohawk at Malta
Mohawk in Monaco Bordeaux just before sailing for the Windies Under the Forth road bridge Mohawk entering Rosyth
Mohawk at Rosyth John Osmond just before entering Banadar Abbas Neptunes consort crossing the line John Osmond. I still produced two kids
Wasp bottom of the Gulf Mohawk passing through the gates of hell Dave Hattonin the market at Bahrain Resurgent
Jackstay transfer Wasp on deck Mohawk ras with a type 12 Resurgent jackstay
Wasp landing Cat class other side of Resurgent H.M.S. Mohawk Feb 1965 - Nov1967 037 Some ships company crossing the freeway Fort Lauderdale
Mohawk alongside Monte Carlo H.M.S. Mohawk Feb 1965 - Nov1967 043 Mohawk floodlit at Monaco Mohawk across the road Monaco
Gully Gully man at Suez Gully Gully man Suez HMS Mohawk transiting the Suez Canal Mohawk transiting Suez