MEM 1 John Pudney West Indies Guard Ship 1969 - 1970

Who1 Who2 Who3 Crimbo 1969 in the Gulch
Hamilton bermuda Xmas 1969 2 Hamilton Bermuda Xmas 1969 3 Hamilton Bermuda Xmas 1969 4 Berthing Ireland Ireland
Alongside Ireland Ireland Naval Base Bermuda Mohawk's Ship Crest the oil tank RFA Regent - HMS Mohawk Alongside Ireland Ireland Bermuda An Oberon Class Sub.Hamilton Bermuda
A.S mortars away Tropical Rig Run Pre-wetting Test 1 Pre-wetting Test, 2 Brave Soles On Deck 2
In Her Wake Mohawk from her Wasp 1 Mohawk from her Wasp 2 Mohawk at Ireland Ireland
Mini Mo 5 Mini Mo 1 ship company ski boat Mini Mo 3 Stones with Fuel in Mexico
Ouch Key West 4 Ouch Key West 3 Ouch Key West 5 Ouch Key West 6
Ouch Key West 7 Ouch Key West 1 On The Rocks Ouch Key West 2
HMS Arethusa - Mohawk Alongside at Key West 1 Stoker's Mess Nice Hat The fishing was good
Stokes at Work 6 Mohawk from her Wasp 3 On Passage Cutting A Dash
Bows On Ready Land on Helo RAS from a Ranger Class Tanker RAS from a Ranger Class Tanker.2
RAS from a Ranger Class Tanker.3 Ranger Class Tanker Stokes at Work 7 HMS Sirius WIGS relief 1
HMS Sirius WIGS relief 2 Stokes at Work 5 Paying Off Portsmouth May 1970 2 Paying Off Portsmouth May 1970 3
Paying Off Portsmouth May 1970 1 Bermuda Stokes at Work 8 Stokes at Play 3
Crimbo 1970 Beer Bosum Stokes at Play 1 Mick Ed Ginger ERA 1's Son - Clem Warren Tankey
Hamilton Bermuda Xmas 1969 1 Nassau Bahama Islands Nassau Rig Run Petrol Pigeon 1
Petrol Pigeon 2 Petrol Pigeon 3 Royal Marines landing on Andros Island Petrol Pigeon 4
Stokes at Work 1 Stokes at Work 2 Stokes at Work 3 Stokes at Work 4
Side Party Art Ireland Island With Mother RFA Olmeda at Ireland Island Hamilton Bermuda Xmas 1969 Orpheous 5
Stokes at Play 2 Along Side 1 F125 Mo
Alongside Windies 2 Mini Mo 2 Mini Mo 4 Action Match
RFA Tidesurge