Stokers and Tiffs

1940 ME 1 Bill Lilburn top left 1963 or 4 ME's Jan Gudge, Moggy 1964 Back Row Left Tug Wilson - Who - Who. Front Left George Routledge - Jan Porter 1964 MCR, about 21June
1964-Yas-Island-ME's-Jan-Gu 1965 Geoff Lewis - Jan Porter ANO Stokers Mess 1965 ME Departmet 1965 Pompey 1
1965 Pompey 2 1966 bronzie Time Persian Gulf 1967 Jan Porter Bordeaux 1 1977 Bob and Chris
1977 Cal,Mal,Bob,Who and George  1977 Left to right:- Cal Murray, Mal malcolm, Bob Emmott, ???? and Chris Hopkins 1977 Drunken Dan with Chris and Dave 1977 Mark, Roger - Chris 1977 MEM Steve Burdett
1977 Scotty,Joe,Dave and Chris 1977 Steve, Tug, Joe 1977, Miss Mohawk 1977DENNY PHIL TUG MICK
1977MEM Chris Hopkins 1978-Dins-Who-Les-Cal-Joe-S  1978 Left to right Back Row:- Les's Brothers, Les Scott, "Scouse" Tuppen. Middle Row:- Cal "Ruby" / "Wee Joby" Murray, Joe Ralston. Front:- "Shady" Lane. In Hull. Thanks to Cal Murray 1978-Divisions.-Alf-Taff-Da 1978-Divisions.-Brum-Dave-W
1978-Divisions.-Herbie-Who- 1978-Phill-Brett-Mick-Finch  1978 Back Row:- Baby Tiff Blood Reid, Dave Delaney. Front:- Phill Brett. Thanks to Cal Murray.